As a tribute to the Ibizan goddess Tanit, GIGI STUDIOS launches its new capsule collection TINNIT. Tanit is the goddess of love, fertility, life, prosperity, harvest, death, and the Moon. Completely
inspired by Ibiza and the iconography of this deity, the collection features three unique sunglasses models, each available in three acetate colors.

In addition to black and havana, new earthy tones such as beige, sand, and orange
are introduced. The lenses are also tinted to contrast with the frames, creating a varied and harmonious color palette.

The designs are characterized by smaller shapes: a mask (TANIT), a rectangular (NEIT), and a more oval (BAAL). They are also notable for their textures, reminiscent of Ibiza's rugged coastline. For the
first time, the bevels have been crafted outward. Additionally, the temples are engraved with the TINNIT symbol created specifically for this collection.

This new series combines cultural references, earthy colors, and organic curves with innovative techniques. It contrasts its size with its defined volumes and meticulous design. The result is contemporary eyewear inspired by the observation of nature in its purest form, balancing between dreamy and brutalist aesthetics.