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GIGI Studios Lab is extending its ranges with eight models that perfectly meet the premise behind the brand’s most minimalist and sophisticated collection. New designs that stand out due to the purity of their shapes, as well as for being made in beta-titanium, an innovative material from Japan. Beta-Titanium provides top comfort, extraordinary resistance with a minimum weight and great flexibility in the arms of the glasses. The lightness this product offers is such that it is a reference material both in the aeronautical and the medical industry, as it is also biocompatible.


Maximum lightness, with superb shapes, as seen in the Dakar model, which is oversized and completely round.

Nairobi is a unisex, caravan-style frame, with slightly geometrical angles.

Hanoi is a frame just for women, which adds a delicate upper angle, with a cat-eye inspiration.

To the unique properties of Beta-Titanium is added a pure, minimalistic design that opts for the most sophisticated simplicity. From completely rounded, oversized shapes, such as Dakar, to the elegance of models such as Portland or Hackney, slightly straighter on the upper part; slightly oval-shaped like Lisbon or with an aviator inspiration such as Warren or Nairobi, which are more geometrical and with a double bridge. Finally, two very feminine frames, the Hanoi and the Seoul, showing a cat-eye inspiration, thanks to a delicate frame on the upper outside angles.

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The influencer Gala González wears Ibiza style from GIGI Studios

If one design beats all others, it must be mini-glasses

The trend is clear. Models such as the hexagonal Ibiza or the rounded Tokyo or Rome, are all the rage on the street, as well as at the beach.

Gala González, the most influential Spanish woman in the fashion world, or the Argentinean actress and It girl, Calu Rivero are some of the many well-known faces that have incorporated these models from GIGI Studios into their everyday lives.


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