The New Year is celebrated in infinite ways on planet Earth. Every country, family, and individual has its particular ritual. When we think about it, it’s beautiful to acknowledge that while the passing of time is transversal to human existence, the experience of it is unique for each of us. At GIGI Studios, we wish for 2023 to continue celebrating our singularity. We hope that whatever awaits us next will be an exciting journey of self-discovery, expression without limits, and creativity.
OUR WISHES FOR 2023 | GIGI Studios
Nico Ito is a Japanese illustrator whose surrealist work shows glimpses of imaginary worlds with hidden stories, weird beings and uncanny spaces. In Nico Ito x GIGI Studios collaboration, three New Year’s celebration rituals come together in a series where a Magic Crystal Ball, a Sunglasses Arch and a Guardian Plant assist our luck, desires and dreams. Each of them lives in an enchanted universe of their own, whimsical realities that captivate us.
OUR WISHES FOR 2023 | GIGI Studios
Where do you find the inspiration for your work?
My inspiration often comes from music. Ever since I was a child, I have loved to listen to music and create my own stories around it. In those stories that stem from the music, there’s always what I call a "space", and that space is what I choose to illustrate, creating an intersection between music and illustration.
How would you define your vision as an artist?
Currently, I define myself as an illustrator, but what I want is to be able to communicate the spaces and atmospheres that I imagine. It would make me very happy to go beyond illustration and make my images come true, creating real spaces.
What do GIGI Studios' shapes and designs evoke in you?
When I saw them, they gave me a sense of freedom and strength and the impression that they were not just glasses but an object with which to express yourself.
How would you celebrate New Year's Eve?
In Japan, many comedy shows are broadcasted on New Year's Eve, so I will spend the evening at home watching TV and enter the new year laughing!
OUR WISHES FOR 2023 | GIGI Studios
OUR WISHES FOR 2023 | GIGI Studios