Places, people, feelings, and even style, urge us to show different sides of our personality. 'Show your I’s', GIGI Studios AW 22/23 Campaign's motto is an unapologetic claim for self-expression, a carefree revelation of the many I’s that shape our identity. We’ve asked six people to show us a glimpse of their inner I’s, and we were delighted to meet them all.
I SHOW MY I'S | GIGI Studios

“Show your I’s” celebrates the versions that inhabit us and make us unique.

The angles that sculpt our identity, as many and paradoxical as they may be, depict authentic expressions of who we are in different situations of our daily lives. Funny, self-aware, undecided, grateful, artistic, iconic, artistic – you name it – “I show my I’s” unveiled the different selves of the french artist and activist Valentine Valerio, the content creator and model Alba Miró, the stylist Helena Contreras, the dancer and choreographer Guillem Jiménez, and the models Inge Ladd and Mike Duarte.
I SHOW MY I'S | GIGI Studios
The only request behind this campaign was… freedom. Freedom to show the I’s when, where and how it felt real.
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