Le Club de Lecture is a gathering place for reading, listening and exploring the world from many perspectives. GIGI Studios’ FW23/24 Campaign highlights the importance of taking a break from life’s frenzy and allowing ourselves to delve into the words of our favourite writers, feel inspired and be fully present in the moment.
GIGI Studios’ FW23/24 campaign takes place at an abandoned library in Paris, which is why we have given it a French name.
We present Florence, Rafaëll, Gaia, Antoine, Valentine, Deniz, Johnny, TJ and Joana, the fascinating GIGI Studios’ Le Club de Lecture members. The nine unique personalities featured in our new campaign unite (and bond) over a shared love: books.
The new collection features meticulously crafted designs with delicate details and handcrafted finishes, showcasing our commitment to exceptional design. Each piece boasts bold geometric shapes and volumes, made with high-quality materials like Italian natural acetate, German stainless steel, and Japanese titanium. Our unique designs are created to enhance all aspects of your personality and are brought to life at our atelier in Barcelona.
With every page turn, minds connect and imagination breaks free — books open doors to transcendent realities, inviting us to celebrate the diverse identities of their characters.

Stories are powerful triggers of empathy and self-discovery. That’s what this community is all about.

Welcome to Le Club de Lecture!