Cookies policy

What you should know about the cookies

A Cookie is a small text file that a Web Site puts onto your computer or onto any other device and that stores information about your browsing activity on this site. Cookies facilitate your browsing activity and do not damage your computer. In this document the term Cookie is used referring to this Web Site, as it is our most frequent information storage system, although the space called “Local Storage” is also used for the same purpose as the Cookies. Therefore, all the general information that we provide here with respect to the Cookies is also applicable to the so-called “Local Storage”.

Our Cookies are aimed at optimising your browsing experience and helping us to improve both your own experience and that of other users, through the usage patterns of this Web Site. Therefore, your preferences will also be remembered (language, country…) in future visits.

Current legislation obliges us to request the user’s agreement to be able to use cookies. If you decide against authorising their use, you must not continue using this Web Site. If you continue browsing this Web Site, this activity will imply the acceptance of their use.

If you have any queries or questions about the cookies policy, you may send us your query using the CONTACT US form.